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Dynamically setting multiple activity destinations in K2 with ... In the Destination Rule Options select Plan per destination ->All at once. We do this to tell K2 that when it goes to multiple users they will be able to open and work on the item in parallel. Select ‘Create a slot for each destination’, this way each destination user get’s their own slot.

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Workflow For loop V/s Destination Rule – Plan per Slot (No ... [Agenda: To check performance variation between Workflow For loop and Destination Rule - Plan per Slot (No Destinations) with dynamic slot count.] Working Example: Let me explain through a scenario where we have list of items which we get from an Smart Object method. How to: For Each Event – GreenEggs on K2 Over the last couple of weeks people have asked me how to use the for each loop event in K2. So I thought i would put this quick demo together. The demo, that i am going to do is going to loop through a list of subscribers and update their status from 'Not Sent' to… K2 Best Practice, Part 1: Blackpearl Workflow - Datalytyx

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PrF UG slots make inverse slot - Protege Wiki The Inverse Slots widget on the Slot Editor allows you to create an inverse relationship between two slots of type Class or Instance. You can create an inverse slot relationship in one of two ways: linking two existing slots and creating a new slot as the inverse of an existing slot.

each node can send data to its destination with a rate λ2(n) = K2n. − 1. 2 (log n)− 3. 2 . ... Keywords: System Design, Information Theory, Wireless Ad. Hoc Network ...... have, using (3), that P[fij > k2 log n] ≤a exp[−qk2 log n]. Noting that there are .... frames, each destination will wait for the slot in which nodes in its cell can ...

Getting Simultaneous Approvals from Both Named Users and ... - K2 Destination Rule Configuration. Select Plan per destination > All at once; Select Create a slot for each destination and also select Create a slot for each role and group; Two possible methods at this point . Add the users that need to approve the activity and also specify the role that you need the approval from. In this example the role is ... Dynamically setting multiple activity destinations in K2 with ...

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