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A ship's CPU is the computer that controls the modules (such as weapons, repair systems, and so on) that you have fitted to your ship. The CPU has limits, and this page explains how to make the most of your ship's CPU. I just got an Orca, and have no clue what to do with it. : Eve High slots Mining boosts, maybe a shield boost, and a couple shield transfers; Med slots MWD, maybe survey scanner, rest in shield hardening. Low slots Damage control, and probably going to need a fitting module for the mwd to fit. Rig slots Take your pick. Warp speed, mining drone augmentor, shield hp (for regenerating hp), hull hp (for overtank), or something weird like T2 armor EM resists because you're funny like that. Eve-Guides.com Obviously, no one is going to get 9,000,000 shield points on a cruiser – there simply aren’t modules impressive enough, enough slots, or enough CPU and power grid available. The concept, though, of decreasing regen time and increasing maximum shielding to take advantage of this “golden rule” is a relatively sound one.

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The Proteus is a Gallente Tech 3 Cruiser Class Spaceship in EVE Online. ... capable vessel, since it doesn't have to sacrifice tank for E-War modules like a Warp Scrambler. ... Low Slots, 0. Medium Slots, 0. High Slots, 0. Rg Slots, 3. Rig Size, Medium ... Shield HP, 100 HP. Shield Recharge Time, 10,00 s. EM Reistance, 0 %. Fit for Purpose: Theorycrafting Tips and Tricks | New Eden Report Feb 10, 2019 ... EVE's biggest draw to me has always been its flexibility for fitting ... Then you have the lost and confused that leave mid and/or low slots open, forget ... are shield focused are normally shield tanked and armor bonused ships are armor focused. ... I'm going to be talking about some modules that are either ... Eve Glossary - Agony Unleashed

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Category:Low Slot Modules - EVEWiki Eve Online Guide. If you want to make over hundreds of million ISK per hour, increase your winning odds in PvP encounters, and come up with the best ship fitting strategy, then this set of EVE guides. should not be missed out on. Mid slot - UniWiki - Eve University Mid or medium slots or are a category of module slot found on ships in EVE. Generally, mid slots contain activatable modules that may assist in tackling, propulsion, or generally improve the ships behavior. Shield tanking modules occupy mid slots. Some mid slot modules share purposes with low slots, but the details of their use differ. Low Slot | EVE Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Low Slot refers to both a module slot in a ship as well as a module that can fit into that slot. Low Slot modules are usually modules that affect the physical components of a shield. This includes armor plating, expanded cargoholds, and damage controls.

The guardian is by far the most commonly used logistics ship for armour gangs. As you'd expect from an amarr ship, if offers a heavily low slot biased layout of 6/2/5 and by far the strongest powergrid, offering it the capability to fit a fierce armour tank as well as substantial repping power.

Eve online low slot shield modules - Casino online kostenlos Gravity capacitor upgrade modules grant a hefty bonus to probe scan strength (10 to 15) and online casino sverige gratis spielen book of ra have absolutely no downside, a rarity among rigs. Low slot modules eve | Best games online Low slot modules eve. eve online - How can I increase my ship's powergrid? - Arqade Sand, Cider and Spaceships: Eve Dictionary For those new to Eve some of the terminology can be a bit mind-boggling. Also there are plenty of abbreviations that make you go WTF? Eve Fc Guide | Sniper | Battleship

Low Slot modules are usually modules that affect the physical components of a shield. This includes armor plating, expanded cargoholds, and damage controls. Watch XXX CASEIRO – free porn video on MecVideos. Low slots are a category of module slot found on ships in EVE. Generally, low slots contain passive modules which improve ship ...

Ten Ton Hammer | Weapon Systems In EVE Online This article is the first of a series presenting a general overview of combat in EVE Online. This article deals with the basic weapons systems and general capabilities of each player race, and provides a foundation of knowledge to use when evaluating ship types and weapon choice. Eve Online Fitting Guide: Merlin - Itchy Fish

All of them go into low-slots which is good because they don't comprise the buffer tank in the mid- slots.These modules offer less powergrid increase, but improve quite a few other parts as well, including shield capacity. If you only need a little kick in powergrid, try to fit one of these first before... Ship Setups | Aeon's EVE | Modules layout Low Slots 1 x Damage Control II 1 x Capacitor Power Relay II 2 x Armor XX Hardener II, for primary mission damage (XX = Kinetic/EM/Thermal/Explosive)I do not use the shield booster that much, so some of those power modules should be replaced by shield hardeners depending on the mission type.